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being creative is good for the soul.

Whether you are brand new at watercolours (and terrified!), whether you've dabbled and want to get back into it or even if you are actively artsy and want a new outlet, come (re-) discover watercolours.  You can discover your inner artist by taking a class, by hosting a watercolour event at your home or business, or by participating in Arts and Health sessions.

Arts and Health

I'm switching it up this year!  These sessions could be more aptly called Arts & Wellness.  There will only be four in total and each has a timely theme.  These classes are not about producing an incredible piece of art (though that could happen!) but about introspection through the creative process.  I hope to add an element to these sessions that could affect the time and the cost they are offered at so please check back regularly.

$25.00 per session (art materials are included)

Saturdays, 6-9pm:

Nov. 18th  Meditative (getting through the holidays 'zenfully')

Feb. 3th     Sun  (wherefore art thou?)

April 7th   Renewal  (shedding a layer)

May 12th   Energy  (fill me up!)

Watercolour classes

Beginner and intermediate students work at their own speed on the subject of their choice.  My in-home studio is a comfortable, relaxing space where I circulate and help each person individually. A coffee/tea area is available to take a break at will.  

If this is your first time painting in watercolours and you have no materials, I will provide them for the first class.  We can then discuss what you will need for subsequent classes.  Please bring any materials you do have.

Winter Schedule 2018
Adults class (18+):

Wednesday mornings 9:30am to 12 noon           January 24th to March 21st

Monday evenings 6:30pm to 9:00pm                  January 22nd to March 26th

(no class on Monday February 19th and March 12th, Wednesday March 14th)

$175 for all 8 classes, mornings or evenings.


ART Parties

You invite friends and family to your home, provide food and beverages, and I provide the materials and the subject (discussed ahead of time).  I walk participants through a specific watercolour painting project they can take home with them.  The subject matter is tailored to the event.    

 $25.00 per person, minimum 6 participants.  

Please contact me if you have any questions or need more information.


You would like a "mother/father-daughter/son" (or any combination of) class?  Or maybe a garden party with your friends when your flowers are in bloom?  Let me know!  I'm open to suggestions.