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About Maryse Hatchard


The desire to create has been in me since I picked up a pencil as a young girl and started drawing.  Although I was able to express this creativity in different ways over the years, painting became something I needed to do not just something I wanted to do.  A gift started me in watercolours, taking evening classes with Bobbi Dunlop followed by Nancy-Lynne Hughes, both in Calgary. I continued to take evening watercolour classes, weekend and full week workshops in Calgary, Edmonton and Jasper through artists such as Brian Atyeo, Gregg Johnson, Jim Reid, Graham Flatt and many others.

I soon learned that art making is not only a passion but also a great way to relax and rejuvenate!  Creating is not always about the end-product, it's also about stepping out of our daily grind and getting into the 'zone' of creativity and coming out of it refreshed.  

After being a stay-at-home mom for over ten years, returning to work as a medical research technician was unfulfilling.  As I found myself with more and more requests for projects with school age children I realized a full career change was in progress.  

Although I really enjoy teaching traditional watercolour classes I also wanted a little something MORE.  That's when I found Arts and Health was the perfect fit:  bringing health and wellness through creative processes.  What a wonderful new chapter!

If all I achieve is to act as a springboard for you to discover your creative self so that you can further your studies in other types of art, then I'll have accomplished much.

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